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Find Your Inner Character Strengths, and
Harmonise Your Inner- & Outer-World 

Parisa Afshin, founder of Varrak

Therapist Norway International

The Strengths-Based Counselling and Coaching techniques is based primarily on:

Principles of Positive Psychology, solution-focused therapy and the ancient philosophy that we find inner- and outer- peace when live by our highest values and character strengths. Strengths-based counselling encourages us to overcome obstacles and improve our wellbeing through focusing on the assets we do have rather than the ones we don’t.

 I am here to help you navigate through your challenge and find inner peace by tapping into your character strengths.

I have a certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & previously worked for several years as a Ph.D. candidate & researcher on how individuals can grow and develop within groups and organizations.

To read more about my approach and book your first-time Free consultation, please click here.

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Key Points on Professional Background:

  • CBT Therapy: Certificate diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

  • Individual Development Researcher: Former Ph.D. candidate and researcher in understanding individual growth & development within groups & organizations at the University of Oslo. Visiting researcher at Cambridge University, Department of Sociology.

  • Trauma Coach: Trauma-informed coaching certificate, Cambridge University. 

  • Individual Empowerment: Have worked with individual empowerment within an organization. Have held dozens of workshops and seminars on self-knowledge,  mindfulness meditation, and art therapy. 

Please read more about my background by clicking on the link below: 

What I Can Help You With :

Improving Emotional and behavioural well-being:

  • Improving the symptoms of: PTSD, Anxiety, chronic stress, extreme loneliness, overthinking, anger, constant frustrations, harmful habits, sleep problem, & lack of present-moment-awareness

  • Finding a strong sense of meaning in life.

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem.

  • Finding harmony & inner-peace while balancing your various roles in life.

  • Better collaboration, consultation and understanding in the family and at work.

I offer services to clients globally. To read about my therapy and coaching approaches and/or book a session click below please: 

Wellness Coach

Holistic Approach for Well-being

Considering your character strengths and faulty thoughts, emotions, and even lifestyles and the context in understanding your challenges 

Ask an Expert

Expert knowledge

Years of experience, research, and study in various approaches to well-being. I have worked both with individuals and groups.



Using a reliable test to define characters and a detailed screening as no two persons in this world experience and respond to an event in life in the same way

Contact me via email:

I offer services to clients globally. I am here to hear you non-judgemental, carefully, and with deep compassion. Whether you would like to consult about the best options that can help you with your struggles, have a question, or simply would like to get in touch, I would be very happy to hear from you. 


"For me, Parisa is an excellent counsellor not only because of her knowledge in the field and her commitment, but also for her real sympathy and empathy towards people".

-Sepideh Aarsland 

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