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Like a Varrak Rose, A Rose that Grows & Flourish in Desert,

You Have the Innate Capacity

to Heal, Grow & Flourish

How I Can Help You with Your Current Well-being Challenge?

 How we get challenging symptoms:

Emotionally or physically painful experience/life situations/ Difficulty

Mind & body gets trapped in that moment  (in the past)/ Negative or unhelpful thoughts

Emotionally & physically being triggered by inner/outer triggers: smell, behaviours, thoughts, etc.

Challenging symptoms: Stress, anxiety, sleep difficulty, low self-esteem, depressive moods, anger, etc.

To address your challenging symptoms I help you with:

Processing the past experiences
Understanding the patters of thought

Attention-Flexibility Capability

Creating new positive associations

(Exercises for creating new positive neural network in the brain)

To help with the above healing processes for addressing challenging symptoms, in Varrak, I offer counselling using various psychological & coaching techniques but I mostly use CBT, InnerPeace, and Positive Psychology, both in my individual sessions and in my group courses.

I have a certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & previously worked for several years as a Ph.D. candidate & researcher in University of Oslo, Norway on how individuals can grow and develop within groups and organisations. I have a certificate in Coaching through Trauma from Cambridge University, England. 

To read more about my approach and book your first-time Free consultation, please click here.

To read more about my background, please click here.

To find out about ongoing online and/or in-person group healing course in Art & Meditation and register, please click here.

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