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To me, there is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping others to realize what are their potentials and strengths and how this can help them to navigate better the challenges of life and live a fulfilling life.   

My professional passion is divided into three fields: 1. Psychology of human beings (due to my love for people), 2. Arts (especially painting & storytelling), 3. Mindful movements of medicine qigong. So, I founded Varrak to combine these three to serve others.


I have a certified diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and studied "coaching through trauma" at Cambridge University. After several years of study, research, and work, as a Ph.D. candidate and researcher at the University of Oslo, Norway, extensively with the topic of human and group learning, I founded Varrak in my desire to help people to gain a better understanding of who their true self is and to achieve and maintain their well-being. During those years, I specifically gained an in-depth knowledge of how human experiences are formed in interactions with others, with social and cultural elements, and in various contexts. I subsequently aimed to understand the psychology of human beings better and I also studied independently & took courses in areas such as positive psychology, polyvagal theory, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing.

Parisa Afshin - Founder of VARRAK 


As an enthusiast and learner of Eastern philosophy and spiritual teachings,

the more I learned about psychology of human beings, the more I have become assured about the need to combine these two lines for optimal results in healing and managing our mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 

As Mark Epstein, psychiatrist and Buddhist practitioner, says for the realization of true self [healing] one must use the insight of Western psychology and the spiritual exploration of Eastern traditions.

Besides having work experience as a researcher and counsellor, I have also worked, as a volunteer, with refugee empowerment programs, junior youth empowerment programs, and children's character-building programs. I especially have worked with women of various background. Indeed, the society has two wings to soar to its highest station: men & women. Both wings need to be strengthened for having a thriving and healthy society. 


I chose the name Varrak for my coaching and counselling practice as this flower, to me, symbolizes the innate capacity for growth and blossoming. Varrak is another name for a rose called Rosa Persica. A plant that grows in desserts and despite the harsh environment it grows in, it gives beautiful yellow roses. It has this innate capacity to become a beautiful flower and it does so regardless.


We, humans, are also like the Varrak rose.


We have the innate capacity of growing and give beautiful flowers of righteous character despite all challenges that life brings to us and no matter what stage of life we are in. The difference between us and the Varrak rose, however, is that we need conscious effort to bring out the beauties within.

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