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Start The New Year by Creating a Happier, More Connected, Content & Centred YOU. Choose from the 'art and meditation transformation course' or 'qigong for body and mind balance'.

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  •  Each course lasts for two months and the price for the entire course is 1000 NOK (approx. 100 USD) including a free pdf file that includes all the lessons' highlights and weekly homework.

  • Read the course curriculum by clicking on the course details.

  • All courses will be recorded and be available to the participants for further self-practice (unlimited time).

  • From the comfort of your home follow the easy but deeply transformative Qigong or meditation and art therapy techniques course.

  • The 'Art & Meditation' course includes weekly Home Practices (participants receive pdf files). Home practices require 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time per day, depending on the individual possibility.