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I am here to hear you without interruption, non-judgmentally, and with compassion.
​Using my expertise, I will help you to process & pass the past pains & find your inner character strengths, so you can 
find inner peace & radiance, and be in harmony with life again.


What I Can Help You With :

  • Personal development:

  1. Improving Emotional and behavioural well-being: Improving the symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, chronic stress, extreme loneliness, overthinking, anger, constant frustrations, sleep problem, negative self-image & lack of present-moment-awareness

  2. ​Finding a strong sense of meaning in life.


  • Tackling parenting challenges: Miscommunication, lack of healthy attachment, setting boundaries, stressful parenting, guiding kids to find out their capabilities without being perfectionists, overindulging or overprotecting. 

Price for each session (via Zoom):

  • Free 30min consultation for first-time clients (not binding).

  • Each session is 45min in session, and it costs 900 NOK.

  • The price for a double session (90min) is 1500 NOK.

  • Package price: Purchase of 5 sessions and paying for 4 sessions only. The total package price is 3600 NOK.

My approach to metnal health and well-being coaching and counselling

The core of my counseling approach is to harmonize your inner world to deal with today's challenges to mental health and well-being. This involves two main processes:

1. The first is to help process negative and difficult memories and experiences. When something traumatic happens without processing it, our body and mind get stuck in the past and the brain is always on alert modus (sympathetic system). Therefore there would be this trigger within you that will be ignited every time something happens that your brain can associate it with the painful experiences of the past. Then you react without much control. The trigger can be a smell, taste, sound, something visual, words, tone of voice, other people's words and behaviour, etc. To help you harmonise your inner world, we need to stimulate the the brain to process bad memories. We also need to learn that we are not our thoughts and feelings and to observe what is going on in our thoughts without judgment and without identifying ourselves with these thoughts. As we learn thoughts and things that happened to us are only a small aspect of the "Self". I use methods from cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR, IndreRo treatment developed by Keyhan Ighanian and coaching methods to help you with this process.

2. The second process is to help you tap into your inner character strengths. When we balance the brain, we learn we are more than just our thoughts, feelings and problems. Our true self is a source of beauty, love, wisdom, empathy, friendship, etc. As Martin Seligman, one of the main founders of positive psychology, believes these treatments "are not only about fixing what is broken, but also about nurturing the best in us".

So, I will explore what drains you emotionally and physically, while paying particular attention to what is right with you. I will help you identify and build on your unique, innate character strengths and abilities and use them to improve your mental state and well-being. The sessions are not about one-way communication; they collaborate and require work from both of us, and you and I find the best solutions to your challenges together based on your strengths and your life realities.

After addressing the emotional and behavioral challenges, I gradually help you create habits that allow you to maintain and nurture your well-being and become independent of my accompaniment. This is an important step because I want my clients to be successful in continuing their improved lives on their own.

Whether you are challenged by childhood trauma or past events, or some current event, you can heal, grow and flourish. You can find inner peace and to be in more harmony with others and to optimize your performance.

I am here to help you achieve this.


"On the path of managing your emotional and behavioural challenges and cultivating your strengths and innate capacities, you learn more and more about who your true selves is. The 'true self' that is beyond material things like your body, education, possession, etc. It is transcendent and is like a mine filled with gems of inestimable values such as love, empathy, calm, wisdom, confidence, understanding, joy, etc.

The true self that is authentic and yet unified and is ever evolving."

- Parisa Afshin

48-hour cancellation period by sending an email. Hours that are not canceled at least 48 hours before being charged in full (there are exceptions for unforeseen emergencies). 

Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE, I am NOT a clinical psychologist, if you are suffering from severe mental health issues, experiencing severe depression, having thoughts about suicide, or thoughts about somehow hurting yourself or others, please ask for help as soon as possible from your nearest community mental health support or your general practitioner. In the first sessions, I evaluate all my clients’ symptoms and I may suggest or refer them to a clinical psychologist, based on my evaluation.

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