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I am here to hear you uninterrupted, non-judgementally, and with compassion. So I can help you to put down the heavy burdens of past and present challenges.
Find inner peace and be in harmony with life again.
You don't need to walk this path alone.   

 Are you struggling with:

  • High level of stress for trying to juggle and balance your various social roles as a mother, a partner, an employee/employer, a friend, etc.,

  • Feeling extremely lonely and/or having low self-esteem,

  • Feeling aggression 

  • Having brain fog along with emotional challenges

  • Having a permanent or a periodic high level of anxiety,

  • Having irrational fears, 

  • Work environment challenges and burnout

  • Aiming but not succeeding to leave the harmful habits,

  • Lack of motivation to follow a sustainable style of life regarding mental & physical health

I am here to help you with such challenges using my knowledge and expertise by using the science of human psychology & wisdom of Eastern philosophy.

  • Free 30min consultation for first-time clients (not binding).

  • Each session is 45min in session and it costs 700 NOK (approx 70 USD).

  • The price for a double session (90min) is 1200 NOK (approx 120 USD).

  • Short telephone conversation for 15 min: 150 NOK (approx 15 USD).

My approach to wellness and counselling

Years of study, research, and work have proved to me that the path to well-being and mental health is to nourish and balance our "body, mind, and soul". The balance between them is the source of our inner peace and contentment and being in harmony in life. We lose sometimes this balance, because of the wounds of past events (especially childhood), emotional & physical challenges of now, missing the sense of purpose in life, or identifying our human reality with wrong values.


I aim to help you bring the balance again into your emotional, behavioral, and mental state by helping you to tap into your inborn strengths and capacities and learn to navigate your life based on them, Then you can set more fulfilling goals for your life, go more gracefully through hardships and live with more contentment, joy, and inner peace. To do so, I rely upon my expertise and knowledge of learning processes, somatic healing (healing trauma by working on the body), positive psychology, CBT therapy, EMDR therapy, and trauma-coaching skills, combined with eastern philosophy and psychology.

In my counseling after screening the current and past history of the client, we set various goals and target various issues. The work is not only during the sessions though. I always give my clients some small tasks to carry on between the sessions, after all, emotional and behavioral patterns are not easy to change and require practice. Regardless of the type of challenges and goals, after the complete screening, there will be three, more or less parallel, works:

1. Finding inner resources to heal and grow: Through a survey, we map your strengths and the existing resources that can help you in the process of managing your challenge and also use to create new patterns in your life.

2. Healing the wounds of the past: we look into the unhealed and unprocessed emotions, memories, and experiences. These wounds can be the result of childhood neglect, abuse, or unmet or harshly suppressed needs. These wounds of the past impact your current emotions, behaviors and even your physical well-being. Many of our beliefs are formed based on our previous experiences and the environment we have been living in, especially during our childhood. 

3. Working on body-mind relation: We look into how these emotions and experienced are sitting on your body and how we can reset and reduce their impact on your nervous system. We need also to remove the stress that sits on our bodies and create new patterns in our ' minds, body, and soul'.


However, it is important to point out that there is not one prescription for all people that have one challenge for example chronic fear. To manage the fear, we need to come to balance again in our body, mind, and soul. But what brings one individual into balance is different from the other. This is because people have different histories, mental constitutions, genetics, etc. So as a well-being coach and counsellor I approach each of my clients differently as a genuine and informed supporter and companion in their challenges in inquiries about living their authentic selves.

Free first-time consultation for 35 min

Each session is 45min in session and it costs 700 NOK (approx. 70 USD).
The price for a double session (90min) is 1200 NOK (approx. 120 USD).

Short telephone conversation for 15 min: 150 NOK (approx. 15 USD).


"On the path of managing your emotional and behavioural challenges and cultivating your strengths and innate capacities, you learn more and more about who your true selves is. The 'true self' that is beyond material things like your body, education, possession, etc. It is transcendent and is like a mine filled with gems of inestimable values such as love, empathy, calm, wisdom, confidence, understanding, joy, etc.

The true self that is authentic and yet unified and is ever evolving."

- Parisa Afshin

48-hour cancellation period by sending an email. Hours that are not canceled at least 48 hours before being charged in full (there are exceptions for unforeseen emergencies). 

Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE, I am NOT a clinical psychologist, if you are suffering from severe mental health issues, experiencing severe depression, having thoughts about suicide, or thoughts about somehow hurting yourself or others, please ask for help as soon as possible from your nearest community mental health support or your general practitioner. In the first sessions, I evaluate all my clients’ symptoms and I may suggest or refer them to a clinical psychologist, based on my evaluation.