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Sandy Beach

FREE Art & Meditation Workshop Series:

Manage anxiety and stress, increase present-moment-awareness and connect to your true-self

Every other Friday at 15:00 (Central European time) in Asker, Norway, starting from 30-September-2022

You are a Varrak Rose, a rose that grows in the desert.
You, too, can constantly grow and give beautiful flowers of character, no matter how difficult your situation is at the moment.
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Your challenges and weaknesses do not define you!

You are NOT your thoughts and feelings neither!

And you do NOT have to stay the victim of the negative events that have happened to you.

You can heal, grow and bloom

My name is Parisa, a mental health and well-being coach, and counsellor.

I am here to help you manage your mental and emotional challenges and also find and nurture your inborn character strengths in order to grow, find meaning in life, and achieve inner peace. 

The approach to healing, well-being, and happiness is a holistic approach: we need to address our mental challenges and at the same time increase the positives in our lives by cultivating our inner existing capacities and strengths.

Finding and nurturing our character strengths means living in accordance to our true selves. Our 'true self' is transcendent and is like a mine filled with gems of inestimable values such as love, empathy, calm, wisdom, confidence, understanding, joy, etc.

As we grow our character strengths, we also need to process unprocessed experiences, feelings, and emotions. Working with our autonomic nervous system and improving our vagal tone index is also vital. We need also to remove the stress that sits on our bodies and create new patterns in our ' mind, body, and soul'.

I am here as your expert companion to assist you with this two-fold processes. 

Areas that I can help you with:

  • Self-leadership; mindful self-leadership is key to healing many behavioral and emotional challenges 

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem & self-worth

  • Harmful habits

  • Eating difficulties

  • Immigrations emotional challenge 

  • Self-confidence

  • Work burnout

  • New Parents challenges 

  • Stress, especially stress of living a busy life and aiming to juggle between many roles and tasks

  • Lack of Attention-flexibility & present-moment-awareness

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I offer services for clients globally. To read more about my approach on counselling or book a session please click here.

What I offer in VARRAK

Holistic Mental Health Approach


Mental health is not only about the health of your mind.

I focus on bringing balance to your emotions and mind by looking into how your mental state, behavior, and lifestyle have impacted your body, mind, and soul and trying to bring them into balance for achieving mental health and uncovering your inner capacities. 




I have years of experience, research, and study in various approaches to wellbeing and psychosomatic healing. In addition, I hugely rely on integrating the eastern philosophy of mental health and wellbeing in my counseling work. Today, western psychology science has begun to realize the importance of spirituality and Eastern philosophy as a great and necessary tool for achieving balance and healing regarding mental challenges.   

Emphasising Our 


No two persons in this world experience and respond to an event in life in the same way, even with the same background and same upbringing. We all make sense of things that happens to us differently. In helping my clients with their inquiries, I strictly respect and consider such individuals' differences. I do not believe that the same method can be used for all even for the same challenge. Rather, I enthusiastically, non-judgementally try to understand the world from their point of view, before working on their challenges. 

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