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Wed, Jan 18


Online Qigong Course

Trauma Sensitive Five Elements Medical Qigong - 10 weeks Online Course - Evening Course

In this Five Elements Medical Qigong we uses deep powerful stances along with the rhythmic movements of the 5 animal forms that represent the 5 elements of Chinese medicine. Each element is associated with a different internal organ, meridian, emotion, cardinal direction and season of the year.

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Trauma Sensitive Five Elements Medical Qigong - 10 weeks Online Course - Evening Course

Time & Location

Jan 18, 7:30 PM – Mar 22, 8:30 PM

Online Qigong Course


About the event

Welcome to Five Elements Qigong:

Here you can find information on the course content, course dates, and a short background about the course instructor. All courses will be recorded and will be available to the course participants for an unlimited time online.

It is scientifically proven that practicing gentle bodily movements with high consciousness is a great tool in maintaining and healing mental health, in addition to their undeniable benefits for the body. Conscious gentle movement can be used to take the stress and anxiety that sits on the body and decrease the level of anxiety and improve mindfulness. Qigong movements are powerful tools for healing and improving mental well-being, as it decreases stress and symptoms of past traumas and increases attention flexibility (a mindfulness practice).  Qigong movements have their roots in Chinese medicine and Taoist and Buddhist practice. Qigong is a series of practices and techniques that aim to maintain and recreate well-being by working on the body, breath, and mind, meaning by cultivating Qi (life force energy) in our system. To read more about the Qigong practice and its benefits, please click here.

In this course, we focus on the 5-elements Qigong uses deep powerful stanes along with the rhythmic movements of the 5 animal forms that represent the 5 elements of Chinese medicine. Each element is associated with a different internal organ, meridians (body's energy channels), emotion, cardinal direction, and the season of the year. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

The course combines Medical Qigong & Taoist Qigong methods of meditation, guided imagery, and movements regarding each element of the Five Elements Qigong. You learn the movements and the significance of them on their body organs and how impact the mind.

What you learn in this course:

(You will receive a PDF file with information about all the below content for your future reference)

  1. Fundamental adjustment (for better flow of energy)
  2. The healing impacts of Qigong
  3. How Qigong impact body Facia and its benefits
  4. Concentration Qigong
  5. Qigong major stances
  6. Tai Ji Mudra in standing Qigong
  7. Standing meditation Qigong - Zhan Zhuang
  8. Three breathing techniques to cleanse the body & mind
  9. Three Harmonies: Body (Jing), Breath (Qi), and Spirit (Shen)
  10. Leopard Qigong (Focusing on liver meridian-Emotion of anger-Wood element)
  11. Crane Qigong (Focusing on heart meridian-Emotion of enthusiasm-Fire element)
  12. Snake Qigong (Focusing on spleen meridian-Emotion of worry- Earth element)
  13. Tiger Qigong (Focusing on lung meridian-Emotion of grief-Metal element)
  14. Dragon Qigong (Focusing on kidney meridian-Emotion of fear-Water element)

How you benefit from this course:

1. Stress sits on your body, through these mindful gentle movements, improve and elevate physical symptoms of stress and anxiety such as muscle tension and tightness, joint pain, headaches, sleep problem, hand coldness, etc.

2. By focusing on your body and breathing during movements, you can improve your present-moment awareness and mindfulness skills. This can help you with getting in touch with your emotions, feelings, and actions and manage them better.

3. Improve your physical health without putting even more tension and stress on your body or your mind.

4. I am a trauma-informed coach and the movements are designed with consideration for people with PTSD.

About the instructor:

I started Tai Chi and Qigong practice more than 10 years ago, in a Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, practicing with my incredibly sharp 85 years old Shifu (Master) daily. From then onwards qigong has become a tool for me to create a balance in my mind and body, release tension, and connect to the present moment. In 2018, I got a serious brain injury and concussion, which completely isolated me from any aspect of life for a whole year. I was unable to walk more than 5 meters, I could not meet people or even read books or watch TV or talk on mobile. Above all, I could not spend time with my 1-year-old son. I remember cutting a carrot without pain seemed like a dream. I tried everything swimming, yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. and nothing really helped. Until suddenly it came to me to try qigong. Long hours of meditation and qigong helped me to come back to life again. It was then that I saw the impact that these two can have not only on my body but also on my mind and soul and learned that we can use these as a tool for healing and for creating balance. It became my mission to help others using these tools by combining them with my knowledge of human behavior and the physiology of mental health. Then, I was trained as a qigong teacher and have practiced and taught qigong since then as an instructor.

Welcome to my Qigong course! Let's move some Qi!





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    From NOK 400.00 to NOK 900.00

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