It is time to bring balance into our body, mind & soul and connect our energies in a group.

Trauma-sensitive online Qigong course for  releasing stress from body & mind. Starting Aug/2022, three days a week (10% discount for the monthly purchase for the first month). (Purchase monthly, yearly, or a one-time free drop-in)


Strengthening our PMA & attention flexibility - also called psychological flexibility - are the keys to adapting to various situational demands, shifting mindsets or behavioral repertoires 


Guided imagery is a powerful proprietary method of personal and psychological inquiry and must be used by knowledgeable practitioners as it can be overwhelming for some people that are suffering from certain mental illnesses as it exposes them to high levels of affect.


Passionate about herbal medicine and traditional medicine in which food is a means of nourishing our body and strengthening the mental constitutions, I have studied and worked with the psychology of eating and how to use it to nourish us rather than feeding our desires.  

Trauma-Sensitive Qigong

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It is scientifically proven that practicing gentle bodily movements with high consciousness is a great tool in maintaining and healing mental health, in addition to their undeniable benefits for the body. Qigong movements have their roots in Chinese medicine and Taoist and Buddhist practice and have been used for thousands of years as a tool for wellbeing and health. 'Qi' is the "life force energy" that pulsates, vibrates, and is moving in the universe and although its most vibrant form is in the living creatures, it is beyond that. 'Gong' means “developing skill”. So Qigong is a series of practices and techniques from herbal medicine, and acupuncture to meditation and martial arts that aim to maintain and recreate wellbeing by working on the body, breath, and mind, meaning by cultivating Qi in our system.


Qigong helps with anxiety, stress, and especially PTSD symptoms since among many benefits, Qigong reduces the nervous system's reactive response and increases the parasympathetic relaxation response. As a level 3 Qigong instructor and a trauma-informed coach, I have designed trauma-sensitive qigong courses for body and mind balance. Being trauma-sensitive means that the way that I deliver the instructions and the movements that I choose is with consciousness and knowledge of how it might be perceived by people who have suffered (or are suffering) from traumatic and distressful incidents. I create a space for those that are suffering from anxiety and chronic stress, and PTSD to get in touch with their body and bring their mind in connection with it. The goal of the classes, ultimately, is to help reduce the symptoms and allow for more relaxed and more connected with one’s self day-to-day experiences. 


Regarding the physical benefits: Qigong not only works our internal organs by massaging our kidneys, digestive systems, etc. but also gently moves and massages our facia, the connective tissue that surrounds and holds each organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. When we are stressed, our facias in some parts of the body tighten up and cause pain in different parts of the body and nerves. Eventually, these tangles can lead to various health issues. Qigong movements, when done with high awareness, remove the tangle in the facias and prevent its entanglement.   


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Trauma Sensitive Medicine Qigong - 10 weeks Online Course
Trauma-sensitive medicine Qigong course for releasing stress from body & mind. Starting 18/Jan/2023, every Wednesday at 19:30 CET. Each session lasts 1 hour plus time for possible question and answer for 30 minutes after the class.
Jan 19, 11:30 AM – 11:45 AM GMT+1

Guided Imagery & Meditations

In my group mediation courses, I combine spiritual words, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and guided imagery together with bilateral stimulation to target different mental distresses. Below is a